HostGator has been in business since 2002 and is among the most well-known web hosting providers worldwide.

They must be doing something right if they have such a large consumer base. They provide a comprehensive set of web hosting services to meet the needs of all customers. Is HostGator, on the other hand, the ideal web host for you?

We’ll assist you in making a choice.

In this HostGator review, we’ll look at the services they have to offer, give you an overview of their performance data and price, and see whether they can supply you with the high-quality website hosting service you require.


Brent Oxley created HostGator, a website hosting company located in Houston, in 2002. HostGator not just to provides hosting services, but also cloud, VPS, reseller, and specialized hosting services, as well as a site builder. HostGator’s headquarters are now in Texas, and the company employs approximately 1000 people who work to manage over 2.5 million websites throughout the world. Endurance International Group (EIG), that also operates Bluehost, Hostmonster, Site5, and other hosting company titans, purchased HostGator in 2012. Provo, Utah, and Houston, Texas are home to the majority of their servers. You may also use CloudFlare to transit your traffic via an additional 23 data center across the world.

Overview of HostGator Features

Each HostGator package offers with several handy features. Let’s take a deeper look.

Storage and Bandwidth

Every HostGator hosting package includes unlimited bandwidth and storage.

What does it all mean?

Such that, you have unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity. Therefore, it must be to the extent that the hosting firm can access. it’s a good idea to read HostGator’s use policy, so you’re aware of the restrictions.


HostGator gives a free SSL certificate that protects your website domains and encrypts interactions between the server and users of your website.They also provide a few additional security options, such as the possibility to add SiteLock surveillance to your website. This program will run every day, checking for possible site breaches or hackers and notifying you immediately if they detect one. The only drawback is that SiteLock will cost you an additional $5.99 each month.


They deploy cPanel, among the most popular control panels in the hosting market, as their control panel. HostGator is designed specifically for amateur bloggers and entrepreneurs. It includes free webhosting and a domain name, thus customers only need to buy one account to cover all of their needs. In addition, you’ll get free website statistics and a complimentary SSL certificate to help to protect your users’ confidential information, such as their actual location.

Pricing & Plans at HostGator

Monthly payments for the hatchling plan begin at $2.75. This pricing, though, is only valid if you sign up for 3 years with company. The price will rise to $6.95 per month just after the first sign-up period.

You may pick a yearly plan for $3.95 per month (renews to $8.95 per month) if you would not want to stay for that longer. You may also choose between a 6 or one-month plan, but the cost will be $10.95 per month in that instance.

The Hatchling Plan from HostGator includes:

  • A single web address.
  • Storage and bandwidth are both unlimited options.
  • SSL certificate that is completely free
  • A year’s worth of free domains