10 Factors you Need to Consider when Buying Web Hosting

When making a website, one of the most difficult decisions you have to make is selecting a hosting provider. Which is the best criterion to use when in the market for an affordable and reliable company? How does one settle for the best from the vast list of web hosts, all promising incredible support, amazing up time and great performance? The truth is that separating the real deal from shams can be challenging.

However, having some background information on web hosting can spare you the frustrations and confusing that come with choosing a dependable company.

To make a sound and informed decision, here are the top 10 factors you need to consider when buying web hosting:

  1. Specialty. 

    A good number of web hosting companies are great at one thing but less than average in others. For instance, you might have a company with completely reliable VPS and dedicated hosting services but with poor shared hosting — the reverse can also be true.

    Understanding the hosting you need is a great place to start. Is your website for a small business or a personal blog? If the website has moderate traffic, then it is prudent to settle for shared hosting. Choose a company that specializes in shared hosting. Similarly, if your site expects high traffic regarding page views, then a company that specializes in VPS is the best choice.

  2. Bandwidth/Disk Space

    Most shared hosting companies promise ‘unlimited’ bandwidth as well as disk space. Ever imagined a disc with unlimited space? Your website does not need that much space. Unless you intend to start your own Flickr or YouTube, the site can never come close to 1gb of disk usage. The main concern ought to be bandwidth. Unfortunately, it is ‘unlimited.’

    Nevertheless, since top provides never reveal the actual bandwidth they provide, it is prudent to ask customer support for clarification. Additionally, online reviews can give you a clear picture the reliable and speed of a web host. From the reviews, you can also learn how good a site delivers on its promise of unlimited resources.

  3. Hardware Maintenance

    Web host companies that do not clearly lay out their server infrastructure should worry you a great deal. Check out for what type of hardware the company’s servers are made of. Moreover, are the servers top-notch machines in a grid system or just plain old machines that are assembled to form a modest server network? What you can be sure is that hardware infrastructure weighs heavily on server performance — and your website too.

  4. Technical Support

    Technical assistance tops the list of what most customers look for in a web hosting company. By carefully checking authentic user reviews online, you will discover that most clients always rant about support. The main reason for this is because when your site runs into some technical issue, you need to be sure that the company’s staff will be present to resolve the issue quickly. Server/website downtime should never be an option for any business that relies on the internet presence.

  5. Customer Reviews

    It is highly characteristic to trust web-hosting reviews nowadays since a good number of websites on top Google pages are most likely sponsored. It does not mean that all reviews are sponsored. However, it is wise to be always on the lookout for reviews that inconsistently rate companies as the best when it comes to dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting. In the end, you must read balanced reviews and pick web host companies that have minimal support and reliable issues.

  6. Email Features

    What is the number of emails is one allowed to have? Does your prospective host offer auto responders, protocols such a POP3 and mail forwarding? Moreover, establish if the company spam protection features as well as support especially if you run into problems. Among many hosting companies, email associated features are standard. Therefore, it should not be much of an issue. However, it is prudent to check just to be on the safe side.

  7. Type of interface

    Tasks such as editing files, setting up email and installing WordPress, should not be difficult to manage provided an interface be intuitive. A good number of companies offer Plesk or cPanel to manage accounts. Anything different might be somewhat difficult to figure out.

  8. Price

    The lure of cheap web hosts should not inform your decision when looking for a web host. Most companies promise everything but deliver nothing. To be clear, it does not mean that low prices indicate poor quality services. Nevertheless, a ridiculously cheap hosting plan is not perhaps as reliable as you would hope. The golden rule is to take ample time to compare offerings from different companies. Consider the value for money you shall be getting.

    However, when you buy web hosting you can use discount coupons to save. You can use a a small orange coupon when you buy any web hosting package from A Small Orange. As example, A Small Orange offers discounts up to 15% or $5 of your first invoice.

  9. Scalability

    Scalability is an important consideration to make precisely if you intend to expand shortly. Shared hosting plans might be enough for the moment. However, it might not be adequate in the coming 12 months or once traffic begins to surge. Establish from the company or online reviews if the upgrading process will be seamless when it becomes necessary.

    Do you expect a rapid growth? If yes, then settle for a Cloud hosting company or a VPS right from the beginning. Check whether it is possible to upgrade later to a dedicated plan. Remember the last thing you need is to transfer servers since the current company does not have the capability to improve the plan you are using to address the needs of your growing storage/bandwidth.

  10. Add-ons

    An excellent company is not just about email and servers. Most companies try and appear as attractive as they can be with many add-ons list. What exactly makes a hosting company different? Are the data backup features, enhanced security, or reputation for uptime? A web host can offer numerous features but fail in providing primary data backups. Others offer free domain privacy — other companies charge for that. The rule of thumb is to settle for a company that has add-ons necessary for your needs.

    As much as looking for a web host is usually challenging, it does not necessarily have to be the case. All you need to do is to know exactly what you need. The above factors are handy to assist you to make the right decision.

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